PixPlant Release History

The following fixes, features or updates were added on each release:

Version Improvements
3.0.15 - 2019/03/06 Fixed a bug on loading 16/24-bit images, where color mapping was incorrectly performed resulting in images with brightness differences.
The maximum number of Parallel Synth slaves can now be increased up to 14, as described in the help manual.
Solved a minor error when tiling a texture from multiple seed images.
Third-party libraries Qt and FreeImage were updated to recent versions.
Mac version now requires at least OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).
3.0.11 - 2016/06/29 New Parallel Synth feature allowing synchronized synthesis of multiple 3D maps. This feature can be used to make synchronized tiling versions of captured materials: for example captured normal, diffuse or specular maps can be made tileable while synchronized among themselves. Can also be used for other 3D map types which are not currently natively supported by PixPlant like roughness or metallic maps.
Several minor fixes and improvements.
3.0.10 - 2016/06/02 The Texture Area now includes a Paint Tools tab with tools for quickly fixing small errors in the synthesized texture.
The Clone tool has been improved and now displays the clone source position and includes a preview displayed over the brush.
The "Send to 3D" popup now excludes all other maps if Alt/Option is pressed while selecting a 3D map type.
Copy to clipboard and Save 3D Preview image functionality added to View > 3D Preview menu.
Improved 3D Preview map rendering controls with View > 3D Preview menu entries and key shortcuts.
DPI is now properly handled: PixPlant now fully respects the DPI setting in loaded images and preserves it during save operations. For new and pasted images, a Default DPI setting is available in the Preferences.
Corrected a RAW image import problem which caused excessive gamma correction to be applied. Although RAW images are not supported due to the large variety in formats, the image file library PixPlant uses can load some of them. If you need to open RAW images, prior tone mapping and conversion to TIFF in a third-party app is suggested.
Area selection in the Texture Editor is now draggable.
Solved a problem with the Auto Generate feature of the Texture tab: when using more than a seed, only the selected seed would be used.
Minor improvements added and small errors fixed.
3.0.9 - 2016/03/31 Fixed a bug where saved projects were storing incorrect references to its images, which would be a problem if the project was moved from the initial location.
When running in Photoshop plug-in mode and there are images with unsaved changes, PixPlant now returns only after dealing with necessary saves instead of asking in the background.
Corrected unsaved changes problem with the Ambient Occlusion rendering from displacement in the Actions window.
Default Paint Throttle Period in the 3D Preview is now 100 milliseconds. For smoother 3D painting, it can be set lower if your GPU is powerful enough.
Improved Actions and Plug-in Actions windows with tooltip explanations about what each action does.
3.0.8 - 2015/08/31 PixPlant now includes a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible plug-in hosts, in both Windows and Mac OS X.
Solved a problem that could cause floating windows to become invisible if the screen where they were in the last run was unpluged.
Image input/output library updated to most recent version (FreeImage 3.17).
JPEG XR Image format load and save no longer supported in Mac OS X due to inconsistent handling by image library.
Solved accuracy problem with the Blur/Smooth tools in Diffuse and Specular editors.
3.0.7 - 2015/05/22 Seed image straightening (step 1 of the Seed Wizard) has been expanded to also allow in-image selection (as in PixPlant 2), a more general and simpler way to straighten images. This is controlled by the Selection combo-box.
The Ambient Occlusion rendering dialog now includes a "fast preview" mechanism which renders fast previews in lower quality, only rendering the selected quality when closing the dialog.
Shortcut keys added for seed loading and clearing.
Decreased strength of sharpen tools to avoid artifacts.
Non-tiling textures in full screen viewer now display tiled for better visualization.
Increased fisheye correction slider sensibility in the Seed Wizard.
Corrected unnecessary multiple prompting for save in Send to 3D Maps on the Texture Area.
Several minor user interface fixes.
Windows: solved project loading issue with files from different drives.
3.0.6 - 2015/03/18 Automatically rotates JPEG images based on EXIF information.
Solved "Save Project" issue which could cause to maps without changes to be saved.
Preferences dialog better structured and including automatic EXIF rotation selection and automatic name suffix editing.
A few minor bugs solved.
3.0.5 - 2015/03/09 Integrated multiple unsaved changes prompts into a single dialog.
New File menu option: Save All with Automatic Names.
Fixed a memory leaks.
Solved selection problem in seed viewer.
Solved problem with Seed Image removed areas which might cause excluded pixels to appear in generated image.
Solved OS X problem with the Seed Add button.
Fixed OS X crash with detached 3D Preview.
Added support for trackpad zooming in OSX.
Fixed OS X issue with spurious activation of floating windows.
3.0.4 - 2015/03/02 Initial version 3 release for Windows and OS X.

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