Why PixPlant?

A good photo of a surface can "tell a story". Picture the dignity of a white marble wall or the character of an old concrete slab, marked by decades of exposure to the elements.

With their stories and imperfections these real-life surfaces are often times more interesting than procedural textures and they can be at the distance of a simple photo.

However, that strong character that can make surface photos so dramatic, can be an obstacle when you need to apply them to everyday 3D modeling scenarios: they need to seamlessly tile, multiple maps are needed...

The motivation behind PixPlant is to offer a simple way to transform realistic images into useful seamless 3D materials, preserving the beauty and drama of everyday life. PixPlant is a tool to quickly add realism, variety and value to your 3D projects.

PixPlant is developed by FaronStudio, a Portuguese company located in Lisbon.
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Social Responsibility

FaronStudio, the company behind PixPlant, is engaged in social causes:

Since the company was founded, we contribute to maintain Adopta-me, the most popular Portuguese website of animal adoption. Adopta-me is a non-profit website that helps abandoned or distressed animals find new homes. Animal welfare in Portugal is improving but still a problem and the responsible adoption of animals is a step in the right direction.

Back in 2013/2014 we sponsored D. Quixote, a donkey ("burro" in Portuguese) of the AEPGA Donkey Sanctuary in Miranda do Douro (northeast of Portugal). With the decline of traditional agriculture, donkeys are today an endangered species and the AEPGA sanctuary develops important initiatives for the welfare and preservation of the "Burro de Miranda" species.


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