PBR Made Easier

Creating tiling 3D maps and materials has traditionally been a complex and labor-intensive work.

With PixPlant and a few clicks, you can turn real-world surfaces into seamless tiling PBR materials.

PixPlant can be a big time-saver for your texturing work!

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Best Automated Tiling

Without PixPlant, manually tiling textures can be a pain and consume a lot of time.

PixPlant includes the best automated tiling in the market.

Open a photo or even a set of scanned maps, check a few things and get your seamless tiling version in seconds.

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PBR Materials From Photos

Capture that unique surface that would look great in your projects: pick a photo and run PixPlant to transform it into a seamless tiling material.

Extract 3D maps from real-world photos. Delight a Base Color map or extract Metallic, Roughness, Displacement, Normal, Ambient Occlusion or Opacity maps.

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Tiling Materials Editor

Easy-to-use tools to edit, extract and transfer features between 3D map types. Easily export your PBR materials to Blender, 3ds Max, VRay, Maxwell, Unreal, Unity and others.

Avoid a lot of tedious texturing work and improve your productivity with PixPlant!

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Where is PixPlant being used?

In all industries where tiling 3D materials are important:
Product design and prototyping (fashion, automotive, industrial), architectural visualization, visual effects (advertising, film, graphic design) and game development. More...

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PixPlant for Windows

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PixPlant Features

  • Creates seamless tiling maps from photos or from synchronized scanned textures.
  • Extracts PBR materials based on real-world photos, with adjustable settings.
  • Includes a variety of tools for 3D map editing, extraction and feature transfer.
  • 3D Preview area with PBR rendering. Also supports the Traditional Diffuse-Specular workflow.
  • Contextual help and integrated tutorial system for step-by-step interactive learning.
  • Exports for Blender, 3ds Max, VRay, Maxwell, Unreal, Unity, etc. Contains a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

A better way to create tiling 3D materials.
Save a lot of texturing time with PixPlant!

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