Where is PixPlant being used?

PixPlant is being used by well-known companies in many industries where seamless tiling 3D materials are important - industrial design, architectural visualization, visual effects and game development.

PixPlant is helping to digitize real-world surfaces into tiling 3D materials ready to be used in visualization, virtual design and prototyping.

The use of tiling 3D materials allows design processes to be done in a fraction of the previous duration times. Dramatic improvements are readily seen in the fashion industry (clothing, shoes), as well as in automotive and other industrial product design companies.

Architectural visualization and interior design companies have also been using PixPlant to capture all the richness of real-life surfaces into realistic tiling 3D materials, able to convey the unique feeling of "being there", that a well-crafted 3D rendering can provide.

Visual effects (advertising, films, graphic design) and video game production companies are also realizing the many benefits of realistic tiling 3D materials in their works.

And PixPlant is also used in schools for its educational qualities: being able to easily edit 3D materials and immediately seeing a rendered result is immensely helpful for teaching and learning 3D visualization and virtual design.