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Seed Image: a photo used to create a tiling texture or 3D material in PixPlant.
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To use one of these images as a PixPlant seed, save or copy the image to the clipboard and then select Texture > Load Seed in PixPlant.
More information is available in the Support area.

This search service is provided in the hope that it will be useful, without any warranties of any kind.
The images are available at third-party websites and are in no way related with PixPlant/FaronStudio.
Although PixPlant/FaronStudio made best efforts to locate information on the allowed usage for each image, you must verify compliance with the copyright and terms of usage for each image at the image's website prior to any use.
Each image entry above lists allowed usage information in one of three types:

  • Public Domain: Information in the image's website appears to conform to Public Domain usage.
  • Creative Commons: Image's website lists a Creative Commons license, usually an Attribution license.
  • Commercial Use Allowed: Information in the image's website refers the image can be used in commercial works. Usually, in this kind of allowed usage, source images cannot be distributed by themselves or as part of a texture collection but they can be used and modified as part of other works.

Most of these seed images have been tried and create great tiling textures in PixPlant. If you're having problems, use the Seed Wizard to prepare a good seed image: make sure the image is straightened in step 1 of the wizard and if it has a pattern, select it in step 2. More help is available in the Support area.